Minn Kota

Fosters Trolling Motors is a factory certified warranty center for Minn Kota trolling motors. We sell, service and install Minn Kota trolling motors, as well as sell Minn Kota parts locally in the New Orleans area, or can ship worldwide.

Minn Kota is one the most reliable names in the trolling motor industry which is no surprise as it is the first name in the industry. That is, Minn Kota invented what is today the trolling motor, in 1934. The company name actually comes from where the factory was first built; on the boarder of Minnesota North Dakota, thus Minn Kota.

Being the first company Minn Kota has developed technology for all aspects of the trolling motor. And being a fully certified provider Fosters offers many of their fine products. Such as:

  • Foot petals
  • GPS systems
  • Copilot remote system
  • Batteries and battery accessories
  • Sonar systems
  • Power anchors
  • And more

Fosters Trolling Motors also offers routine boat and trailer maintenance with services such as lower unit fluid changes, outboard maintenance, and trailer bearing lubrication. With so many years of experience we have come across pretty much every possible problem a trolling motor can have. As we have the experience to troubleshoot any electrical problem your motor may have we are the obvious choice for the fishermen of the New Orleans area.

Fosters Trolling Motors: Great, timely service at a fair price